Basic Tips for Choosing and Using the Right Earth Stove (#2 My Favorite)

This is an earth stove.
This is an earth stove.

Earth Stoves are not used for cooking, but they are great for heating your home. If you live in a cold region, you could save yourself some money by adding an Earth Stove to your home. Take a look at these basic tips for choosing and using an Earth Stove.

What is an Earth Stove?

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Earth Stove is actually a brand of wood stoves. The brand is owned by Lennox, but the stoves have been discontinued. Though, Lennox still supplies Earth Stove parts and components – allowing Earth Stove owners the ability to keep their stoves running.

They are used as a heat source and are a popular way to supplement the heat from your furnace so that you can cut down on energy consumption.

If you are shopping for an Earth Stove, you will likely need to purchase a previously used stove – as they are no longer produced. But, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a warm home with this unique stove.

7 Tips to Choose and Use Earth Stove

Here are the top tips for finding and installing an Earth Stove in your home:

Start Searching Locally

You should start your search locally. You may get lucky and be able to find an Earth Stove for sale from a local used appliance store or from an individual. Check the classified section of your local newspaper or Craigslist.

Browse Online Suppliers

If you cannot find an Earth Stove locally, you will need to extend your search to online suppliers. Perform an internet search on Google or Bing. Search for Earth Stoves for sale and focus on the links that appear within the first two pages of your search results.

Before buying an Earth Stove from an online supplier, you should make sure that it is functional. Ask questions, such as the age of the Earth Stove, its current condition, and how much it will cost to ship the stove.

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Choose Between Wood or Pellet Stoves

Earth Stoves are typically standard wood burning stoves, but there are models that use pellets. Both options burn wood, but pellet stoves require special wood pellets. A standard wood burning Earth Stove can burn unprocessed wood that has been split and dried.

Wood stoves are typically easier to use, as you can simply throw any dried wood on the stove. With a pellet stove, you must purchase the wood pellets. These wood pellets cost more than purchasing regular wood, but they also burn longer. You do not need to tend the fire as you would with regular wood.

Basically, the main difference between wood stoves and pellet stoves is convenience and efficiency. Pellets are more convenient and efficient, but they also cost more.

Install Your Earth Stove

Once you get your Earth Stove, you will need to install it in your home. There are a couple of considerations that can help you choose the best location for your Earth Stove.

First, you need to choose a room that has the right flooring. You should not set an Earth Stove on carpeting or hardwood floors. The best spot is a cement or concrete floor, such as your basement. If you do not have a suitable floor for your stove, you could place a hearth pad. Hearth pads are often made from stone or fireproof tile.

You should also place your stove in a centralized location. This will help distribute the heat throughout your home. Again, your basement may be the best option. Heat rises, so placing your stove in the basement will allow the heat to rise through the rest of your home – providing more efficient heating.

Do not forget to add ventilation. Your Earth Stove must have a vent that carries combustion products to the outdoors. You may also want to install a fan in your ceiling. This helps spread the heat.

Prepare Your Earth Stove

Before you start using your Earth Stove, you may need to cure the paint – if it has been recently painted. Even if your Earth Stove has not been recently painted, you should still follow this process to test out the ventilation and make sure that your stove is functioning properly.

Open up the windows in your home. Add some paper and kindling to the stove. You just want to heat it to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit for around 20 minutes. You should not need to burn wood or pellets to complete this step. Perform this step twice. Heat the stove to about 250 degrees for 20 minutes and then let it cool down before repeating.

After you have heated the stove twice, you can add wood or pellets to bring it to a temperature of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This process should be sufficient for burning off any extra paint and also for testing your stove.

Start Using Your Stove

You can now start using your Earth Stove. The first few times that you use your stove, you should keep an eye on the stove. Make sure that everything is working the way that it should.

If you are using wood, you should crumple a piece of paper and set it in the bottom of the stove. Add some kindling. Light the kindling and wait a few minutes. Place a log over the kindling, starting with a small log. As the fire gets going, you can begin adding larger logs.

It may also help to open the air control all the way. Let the stove reach your desired temperature and then adjust the air control. This will take some practice, but you will eventually be able to easily get your stove to the perfect temperature.

Order Replacement Parts

If you detect any problems with your stove, you should stop using it until you can order replacement parts. As mentioned, Earth Stove is now owned by Lennox. They do not make Earth Stoves anymore, but they do supply replacement parts.

Remember these tips if you want to trim your heating bill. Consider installing and Earth Stove to help heat your home.


  1. We own a earth stove that is in excellent condition and we don’t use it so would like to sell it. How much should we ask? No corrosion, damage or wear. It’s too much stove for our home, and we’ve been told by multiple chimney/fireplace services that it is too large for our home and would be better suited to a warehouse our large shop.


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