How to Choose the Best Mayan Hammock

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When shopping for a hammock, you have quite a few options. You could choose a Brazilian, Nicaraguan, Rope, or Mayan hammock, along with several other choices.

Each hammock has their own strengths and weaknesses. Though, out of all your options, the Mayan hammock provides the most versatility and comfort.

Before choosing your hammock, take a moment to look over this Mayan hammock guide.

What is a Mayan Hammock?

Mayan Hammock Family Size
Mayan Hammock Family Size

Mayan hammocks are universally recognized as the most comfortable hammocks. They are hand woven, often using bright colors. Either cotton or nylon is typically used. The nylon hammocks are more durable, but cotton is the traditional choice.

These types of hammocks also feature a looser stitch. This makes them more breathable. They are also incredibly flexible, which is part of the reason for their extreme comfort.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Mayan Hammock?

Why should you think about getting a Mayan hammock? For one, they are incredibly comfortable. As mentioned, the loose weave makes the hammock more breathable and flexible. Along with these benefits, you can enjoy the following advantages:

• You can enjoy a deep sleep
• They can last several years
• You may be able to get rid of back pain
• Zero pressure points

Lying in a hammock can help you get to sleep faster and enjoy a deep sleep. There is a natural rhythm to lying in a Mayan hammock. You will find yourself drifting off to sleep almost as soon as you stretch out in the hammock. Once you are asleep, you should be able to enjoy a deep sleep without any tossing and turning.

Your hammock should also last several years. If you decide to purchase a cotton Mayan hammock, you should bring it inside during extreme weather. Also, do not leave your cotton hammock outdoors during the winter or the colder months. This will help your hammock last longer.

Some people claim that lying on a hammock has helped them get rid of back pain. This is only based on anecdotal evidence, as there have not been any studies. But, it does make sense that lying on a hammock could help with back pain, as there are zero-pressure points – which brings us to the next benefit.

Mayan hammocks have no pressure points. When you sleep in a bed, your body is in constant contact with a sturdy surface, pressing on your pressure points in various ways as you toss and turn. With a hammock, you have no pressure points, so you are free to toss and turn all you want without experiencing discomfort.

What Should You Look for in a Quality Hammock?

When you start shopping for a Mayan hammock, pay attention to the quality of the weave. If you notice any fraying or gaps between the weave, then the hammock may be of inferior quality. You want a sturdy hammock that will provide years of use. Inspect the hammock for durability.

Are There Other Types of Hammocks?

Along with Mayan hammocks, there are several other varieties that you could consider purchasing. Though, most people will tell you that Mayan hammocks provide the most comfort. But, if you feel like exploring all of your options, here are a few other types of hammocks to consider:

Rope Hammocks

Hammocks Rada Handmade Yucatan Hammock
Hammocks Rada Handmade Rope Hammock

Rope hammocks are the type of hammock that many people envisage when they think about hammocks. They are constructed from cotton or polyester, with rope stitching between spreader bars. These hammocks typically measure about 13-feet and have a weight capacity of about 450-pounds.

Quilted Hammocks

Zeny® Hammock Quilted Fabric Double Size Spreader
Zeny® Hammock Quilted Fabric Double Size Spreader

Quilted hammocks are similar to rope hammocks. They also have a weight capacity of about 450-pounds and feature a layer of fabric to lay on. They are also reversible. You can rotate your hammock, as they are generally made with two separate designs. On one side you will typically find a bright pattern while the underside features a solid color.

Nicaraguan Hammocks

Nicaraguan Hammocks (Purple and White)
Nicaraguan Hammocks (Purple and White)

Nicaraguan hammocks are double-woven. They are tightly stitched, but they are still relatively breathable. You can use these indoors or outdoors. Nicaraguan hammocks are also generally handmade and do not include a spreader bar.

Brazilian Hammocks

Hammock Sky® Brazilian Hammock
Hammock Sky® Brazilian Hammock

Brazilian hammocks can be very similar to Nicaraguan hammocks. They also feature a hand weave with tight stitching. Brazilian hammocks are another variety that does not usually have spreader bars.

Setting Up Your Hammock

Hammocks need to be hung from two separate supports. The traditional option is to hang your hammock between two trees. Unfortunately, not everyone has two trees in their yard that are perfectly spaced for hanging a hammock.

Your other options include purchasing a stand or installing posts in your backyard. When setting your posts, you will want to measure the length of your hammock. Your posts should be placed a distance apart that is about equal to the length of the hammock.

The stands that are available for hammocks may or may not be adjustable. If the stand that you purchase is not adjustable, make sure that you purchase the right size.

Enjoy a Comfortable Rest in the Shade with a Mayan Hammock

While the various types of hammocks listed above are all great options, they do not quite come close to providing the same combination of comfort, durability, and weight capacity as a Mayan hammock.

Hammocks have been used for more than a thousand years. While they are mostly associated with the early Latin American cultures, there is evidence that hammocks have been in use since the time of ancient Greece.

Even though the Mayans may not have created the hammock, they have done an amazing job in making the Mayan hammock one of the most popular options. A typical Mayan hammock can support up to 3 people and generally have weight capacities up to about 850-pounds.

When shopping for a hammock, remember to inspect it before purchasing. You want a sturdy weave that will not fray with repeated use.

If you truly want to get a comfortable rest, then go with a Mayan hammock.


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