How to Choose a SmartThings Security Camera for Your Home

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With a SmartThings security camera, you can monitor your home from any location. As a part of your complete home security solution, a SmartThings security camera, and other smart devices can help keep your home safe and protected.

There are hundreds of SmartThings security camera options. The Samsung SmartThings hub is compatible with a wide range of modern HD cameras. This may even include your existing home monitoring system cameras.

If you want to make the most out of your SmartThings hub and increase your home protection, find out how to choose a SmartThings security camera for your home.

What is a SmartThings Security Camera?

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit (SmartThings security camera)
Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

A SmartThings Security Camera simply refers to any security camera or HD video camera that is compatible with the Samsung SmartThings Hub. Most modern HD cameras and security monitor cameras are smart-enabled and will work with the SmartThings hub.

In order to use a SmartThings security camera, you must have at least one SmartThings hub to control the device. The hub is essentially a wireless router that can interact with various smart devices in your home. It is often placed in a central location, in order to connect to your security cameras and sensors.

Once your hub is setup, you can connect your SmartThings security cameras and other smart devices. The cameras and smart devices can be controlled via the SmartThings Dashboard. By downloading the app, you have complete control over your home security system from any location.

You can access your SmartThings dashboard using your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. You can wirelessly monitor your cameras and receive automatic alerts.

What are the Advantages of Using a SmartThings Security Camera?

Before you start shopping for a security camera, you may want to know why these devices are useful. With a standard home security system, you may have multiple motion sensors connected to your doors and windows.

When the sensors are triggered, your security company is alerted and they then relay this information to the proper authorities.

While these systems are great for protecting you and your family, the SmartThings security camera offers more control over your security setup. Here are a few of the main reasons to purchase a security camera for your SmartThings hub:

• You can view your camera from any location
• Receive instant notification straight to your phone
• You can add smart locks and motion sensors

The main benefit is that you can monitor activity in your home from any location. You can connect to the SmartThings dashboard via your phone or tablet and see a live feed from your security camera.

You will also get instant notifications straight to your phone. If your security system detects movement or if one of the sensors is triggered, you will get notified immediately.

What Should You Look for in a SmartThings Security Camera?

When you start shopping for a security camera to use with your SmartThings hub, you should first make sure that it is compatible with the hub. If you visit the official SmartThings website, you can check compatibility. Though, almost any Wi-Fi enabled security camera should work with the SmartThings hub.

If you want to guarantee compatibility, you could shop for Samsung Smart cameras. These cameras are developed by the same company that makes the hub.

After you check the compatibility of the device, there are a few other features to consider:

• Automatic motion detection
• Microphone and speakers
• Night vision
• Video quality

Some of the newer security cameras include automatic motion detection. If sound or motion is detected, they will trigger your alarm system or send you a notification.

Another feature to look for is external microphone and speakers. With these features, you can talk and listen to the people or pets that are in the same room as the security camera. From your phone, you could access your security camera and check in on your pets.

Night vision may be needed if you want to use your camera for security purposes. Look for cameras that come with night vision for illuminating the room at night.

The final feature to examine is the video quality. There is no reason to purchase a camera that does not record in high-definition. If you want to be able to identify a person in your security video, you will want 720p or higher resolution.

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Additional SmartThings Devices

Along with SmartThings security cameras, there are a variety of devices that you can connect to your home monitoring system, such as:

• Smart door locks
• Multi-purpose sensors
• Motion sensors

Smart door locks increase the security of your deadbolts. You can choose from keypad entry units and biometric locks. Both options can be controlled physically when coming home or leaving your house, or via the SmartThings dashboard.

The multi-purpose and motion sensors are used to automatically detect movement. You can connect the multi-purpose sensors to your doors and windows.

You will automatically receive a notification if the sensor is triggered. Depending on your security setup, you can have this activate your security alarm – notifying the proper authorities and your home security monitoring company.

The motion sensors work similar to the multi-purpose sensors. Though, instead of specifically monitoring a door or window, they can detect any sign of movement in a room.

You can choose from multiple setup options. For example, you could have a light automatically turn on when movement is detected or have the motion trigger your home security alarm.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a SmartThings Security Camera

The main thing to remember when choosing a SmartThings security camera is to check if it is compatible with the Samsung SmartThings Hub. Samsung provides a list of compatible devices. Though, almost any modern smart device should work with the SmartThings Hub. This also applies to other security devices and electronics.

Along with SmartThings security cameras, you can add sensors and use your SmartThings dashboard to control your home appliances, electronics, and thermostat.

If you want to get the most out of your home security setup, you should add a SmartThings security camera. You get a secure option for protecting and monitoring your home while having the option to add additional devices to your SmartThings hub.


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