Intelligent Home Reviews – Learn How to Protect Your Home the Smart Way

intelligent home reviews

Intelligent Home is the latest service from Time Warner Cable for providing home security. A combination of professionally monitored security and smart home features, Intelligent Home offers a modern solution for simplifying your life.

Is it worth the trouble to set up this system and pay a monthly service fee to protect your home and control smart devices? Find out by taking a look at Intelligent Home reviews below.

What is Intelligent Home?

Intelligent Home refers to a service available from Time Warner Cable. The base service includes 24/7 monitoring. Timer Warn Cable has an Emergency Response Center that will monitor your Intelligent Home system 24/7. You can also access your security system using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Using the Intelligent Home dashboard, you have complete control over your security system. You can disarm or arm your alarm from your phone or tablet from any location. Along with security features, the Intelligent Home system can be used to control various smart devices. This includes smart thermostats and lights.

Before you can use Intelligent Home, you will need to purchase a package. The base package offers security monitoring and three sensors. Whichever package you purchase, you will need to continue paying $39.99 per month for the monthly service fee. But, you have the option to add various equipment to your complete home monitoring package.

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Intelligent Home Reviews Package Options

When you purchase Intelligent Home, you can choose from multiple packages. These packages include various accessories and equipment, for customizing your home security and smart device setup. Here is an overview of the equipment available for Intelligent Home:

• 24/7 monitoring and remote access via the mobile app
• Motion or glass break sensors
• Door and window sensors
• Indoor/outdoor cameras
• Smart thermostats

As mentioned, you can access the SmartThings dashboard by using the provided mobile app. You will also get 24/7 monitoring with continued service. By purchasing packages, you can add equipment to your system.

Intelligent Home provides two types of sensors. There are motion or glass break sensors and door/window sensors. The base package includes 2 door/window sensors and 1 motion or glass break sensor.

If you want to increase the functionality of your security system, you should consider adding an indoor/outdoor camera. This camera can be positioned in any location within your home. Once it is connected, you can view a live video, take a photo snapshot, or record video clips.

You can also setup the system to automatically record video or take a photo when motion is detected or a specific event is triggered. You can further customize your package by adding 24/7 playback and multiple security cameras.

The sensors and cameras connect to the Intelligent Home system wirelessly, which means there are no visible cords. This helps keep your security system discreet.

Along with security, do not forget that are additional devices that will work with the Intelligent Home system. You can add lighting controls, smart door locks, and smart thermostats. These extra home management features help personalize the system to fit your daily life.

Smart thermostats can work with almost any furnace or heating/cooling system. They will help you save money and cut your energy costs. The average homeowner saves about 10% on energy costs after installing a smart thermostat. Create personalized temperature settings and control your thermostat from your phone or tablet.

The smart door locks offer more protection. You can add keypads, keyfobs, and smart door locks that are controlled remotely. These systems can connect to your Intelligent Home system and include alarm features.

With the Intelligent Home smart lighting equipment, you can adjust your lights from your phone or tablet. Turn on lights while you are away from home to make it look like you are at home or turn on your lights as you pull up to the driveway.

Other personalized lighting settings include the option to automatically turn the lights on when you open the front door or when you enter a room. You can even setup motion lights for your front or back porch.

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Intelligent Home Reviews Features

intelligent home reviews (features)

What can you do with the Intelligent Home service? Depending on the package that you chose, you can perform any of the following by using the Intelligent Home mobile app on your phone or tablet:

• Arm and disarm your security alarm
• View a live video feed from security cameras
• Contact emergency personnel in the event of an emergency
• Control your smart thermostat and lights
• Receive alerts and notifications
• View and monitor your complete system

The main feature of the Intelligent Home system is the security and monitoring system. This is why you will continue to pay a monthly fee. Though, monitoring is only a portion of the service. You will also be able to arm and disarm your security alarm using your phone or tablet.

If you decide to add an indoor/outdoor security camera, you will be able to view a live video feed from any location. You can then use the Intelligent Home app to contact emergency personnel if you notice an intruder or an emergency.

The home management features provided by the Intelligent Home app can also help simplify your life. This includes the smart thermostat and lights. Using the mobile app, you can adjust your thermostat and lights while you are on your way home from work.

Some people use these systems to monitor their pets while they are away. You can setup your camera to view your pet’s favorite spots and keep an eye on them to ensure they are okay.

Basically, the Intelligent Home mobile app gives you complete control over the entire Intelligent Home system. Whether you have the basic security package or have added all of the extra features, you can control everything from a single application on your touchscreen phone or tablet.

So, should you get the Intelligent Home system? The monthly fee is comparable to your average home security contract. For the same price, you get the added option to include indoor/outdoor cameras, extra sensors, and home management features.


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