Save Money with the Best Dishwasher Under 500 Dollars

best dishwasher under 500 dollars

Dishwashers are considered a luxury appliance. They are not as essential to the modern kitchen as an oven, microwave, and other basic appliances. For this reason, the prices of dishwashers can vary dramatically.

If you want the best price, you need to shop around. Here are some tips for saving money with the best dishwasher under 500 dollars.

What Can You Expect from the Best Dishwasher Under 500 Dollars?

SPT Countertop Dishwasher (Dishwasher Under 500 Dollars)
SPT Countertop Dishwasher

Budget dishwashers will generally cost between $250 and $500. This is fairly standard and what most homeowners end up choosing. Though, you could easily spend several thousand dollars on a high-end model.

What is the difference between a high-end dishwasher and a budget dishwasher? High-end dishwashers tend to have premium features. You may or may not be able to find these features on the budget dishwasher. This could include flexible loading features and additional space for flatware.

The real benefit of spending more on a dishwasher is power. With a high-end dishwasher, it is less important for you to get every crumb and piece of food off of your plates and silverware. They are designed to clean your dishes thoroughly, whether or not they have been pre-washed.

You may also notice that high-end dishwashers are quieter than budget dishwashers. They tend to have quieter motors and more attention is given to the design in order to minimize the overall noise level.

If these luxury features are not crucial to your dishwashing needs, then you could easily save money by purchasing the best dishwasher under 500 dollars. The features that really matter can be found with just about any dishwasher.

When shopping for budget dishwashers, focus on the following features:

• Size and shape of the racks
• Rinse cycles
• Style and color
• Controls and operation

Review each of these features and consider how important they are to you. In the end, you will want to find a dishwasher that meets your specific needs and wants.

Size and Shape of the Racks

You should first look at the size and the shape of the racks. Different dishwashers have different layouts. You know which dishes you go through the most often. Imagine lining up your dishes and silverware in the rack. This will give you a good sense of whether or not the dishwasher can handle your basic cleaning needs.

You may also find that the racks are adjustable. This is a useful feature for when you need to wash irregular sized dishes.

When you examine the racks, find out what material is used for the construction of the racks. Plastic racks are more affordable, but they are not as durable. Over time, they may warp or bend, depending on how you use your dishwasher.

If possible, you should opt for stainless steel racks, as they can be scrubbed and washed without damaging the racks.

Rinse Cycles

Dishwashers feature different rinse cycles. With modern dishwashers, you no longer have to worry about pre-rinse. This is an added feature that is more trouble than it is worth. In fact, a pre-rinse cycle may make your dishes dirtier.

Using sensors, modern dishwashers are able to determine how much washing is needed. If the dishwasher that you are shopping for includes a pre-rinse cycle, then it may be using outdated dishwasher technology. You can make the switch to a modern unit and still end up spending less than 500 dollars.

Style and Color

While these next features are not as important to the function of your dishwasher, they can be important for the overall aesthetic and appeal of your kitchen. You want a dishwasher that matches your existing décor.

If you really want to match your new dishwasher to your existing décor, you should shop for cabinet-front dishwashers. These dishwashers use panels that will blend in with your existing cabinetry.

Controls and Operation

You should also look at the controls. You do not want a dishwasher with too many buttons and features, as dishwashing is not a complicated process. You just need the basics. The controls should be easily identifiable and clearly marked.

Another feature to consider along the control panel is an indicator. Some of the best dishwashers include a LED or LCD indicator that lets you know how much time is left in the wash cycle. This way, you know exactly when the dishes will be done. This feature can be very useful if your dishwashing cycle interferes with your ability to take a shower at the same time.

The Size and Dimensions

Do not forget to check the size and dimensions of the dishwasher. The most common size is 24×24-inches. Though, you can find dishwashers in other sizes. You will want to measure the depth of your cabinets, the height of your cabinets, and the width that you have available for your dishwasher.

If you are purchasing your dishwasher from a local store or business, you could ask for professional installation. They will ensure that the dishwasher you purchase fits your cabinets and can handle the installation.

Comparing the Best Dishwashers Under 500 Dollars

You now know which features to pay extra attention to. You should first set your budget at $500 or less. Then, think about the amount of space that you want for washing your dishes. Look at the layout and design of the racks. Consider the rinse cycles, style, color, controls, and operation.

You should find several different dishwashers under 500 dollars and compare their features. Rate the importance of each feature and purchase the unit that most closely matches what you are looking for.

If you are patient, you could wait until your favorite dishwasher goes on sale. Wait until a big sale and then get the greatest savings on the dishwasher that you have always wanted. You may even be able to look at higher-end models.

As a final tip for finding the best dishwasher under 500 dollars, you should look at customer reviews. Make sure that the dishwasher functions as advertised before spending your hard earned money on a dishwasher.


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