The Top Features of a Built Under Double Oven

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Built under double oven provides convenience and versatility. With a double oven, you are essentially getting two separate ovens. While the space of each oven may be smaller than a standard oven, most people never make full use of this space.

What is a Built Under Double Oven?

What is a Built Under Double Oven? The first part of the name refers to the placement of the oven. Built under ovens are designed to fit underneath your countertops. They do not include a cooktop. Double ovens include two separate ovens – one stacked on top of the other.

So, with a built under double oven, you get two compact ovens that can fit under your countertops. This gives you more counter space and more options for preparing meals.

How many times have you needed to cook two different items at different temperatures? It can be a challenge to make the necessary adjustments. A built under double oven solves this problem.

You can set the temperatures for each oven separately. You do not have to do the math to attempt and figure out how to cook two different dishes in the same oven, as they will each have their own cooking compartment.

What should you look for when shopping for one of these ovens? Find out as we explore the top features of a built under double oven:

• The height of the oven
• The fuel used to heat the oven
• Extra features that you should consider

The Height of the Oven

Before you choose an oven, you need to make sure that it will fit in your kitchen. Built-under ovens get installed below your cabinetry. Measure the height of your cabinets. Typically, when shopping for built under ovens, the height of the oven will be listed in the product details.

Along with the height, you should also measure the depth and width available for your oven. This is not as large of a concern as the height, but it could still impact your buying decision.

You should keep in mind that double ovens generally have smaller cooking compartments. If you feel that you will not have enough space to prepare your favorite meals, you may want to consider purchasing a built in double oven. A built-in double oven is installed along your wall – instead of below your counter.

The Fuel Used to Heat the Oven

LG LDG3036ST Freestanding Gas Range (built under double oven)
LG LDG3036ST Freestanding Gas Range

There are three main options when it comes to the fuel source used to heat your oven. You can choose from gas, electric, or steam.

Heating a gas oven tends to be more affordable than heating an electric oven. They offer fast and responsive heating. Gas ovens can be used to cook just about any dish, but some homeowners find that gas ovens are not as consistent as electric ovens.

Electric ovens are good at evenly distributing heat throughout the oven and are more consistent than gas ovens. You can cook your food quickly and without worrying about whether you are cooking at the right temperature.

Steam ovens are another option for your built under double oven. Steam ovens generate a cloud of steam by boiling water. The purpose of using steam is to keep your food from drying out. The steam will help your food retain its moisture.

With gas or electric ovens, the heat that is being produced is a dry heat. This is the reason that many dishes require additional oils or fats. By using a steam oven, you can cut down on your usage of these fats and oils – helping you prepare healthy meals for your family.

See: LG LDG3036ST Freestanding Gas Range

Extra Features That You Should Consider

Along with the height and fuel, you should consider any extra features that can increase the function of your oven. This includes grills, fans, and self-cleaning options.

Grills give the option to grill meats, melt cheese, and cook other meals that you would generally require a grill. The grill is placed near the heating element, giving you the same effect as cooking on an outdoor grill. Choosing this option will give you more versatility and allow you to prepare a wider range of dishes.

Some built under double ovens feature fan cooking. With fan cooking, the heat is evenly distributed. This can speed up your cooking and shorten your cooking times. Typically, compared to a standard oven, you can cut 10 minutes of every hour of required cooking time.

By cutting your cooking time, you are also saving energy. Fan cooking is energy efficient and can help you prepare meals quickly.

Self-cleaning is another useful option to consider. There are many different types of self-cleaning. But, the most common involves heating the oven to high temperatures in order to burn food debris and grease. This is referred to as pyrolytic cleaning. The debris burnt to an ash. You can then simply wipe the ash away with a damp towel.

Another form of self-cleaning requires catalytic liners. These liners are designed to absorb grease and splashes of fat. This makes it easier to wipe away the debris, but still requires a little more work than pyrolytic cleaning. Though, both self-cleaning options make cleaning easier than having to scrub away caked on foods and grease.

Final Thoughts on Built Under Double Ovens

Built under double ovens are a great addition to any home. They give the option to cook two different dishes at the same time. They also take up less space, as they are placed under your kitchen cabinets. Before choosing a new oven for your kitchen, remember to consider the suggestions and features discussed above.

You should always measure the space that you have available for your oven. Next, consider the type of fuel that you want your oven to use. You can choose between gas, electric, and steam. You may also want to think about extra features, such as grills, self-cleaning, and fan cooking.

Use these tips to find your new oven. Look at a lot of different brands and models. Compare built under double ovens and then shop around until you get the best price.


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