Types of Wall Calendars and Their Usage

As the name says, wall calendars are placed or hung on walls. Many of us grew up seeing different styles of calendars at home and school. Later when we entered the office world, we have seen and used them in our offices for various purposes like day planning, task to-dos, reminders. No matter how modern the society and conditions have become with advanced gadgets, mobile phones and applications that keep you away from the traditional calendars and prompt you continuously about the schedules and tasks, everyone still loves the flipping back the calendar page on the first day of the month with a new landscape scenery of heavenly Swiss mountain ranges or a picture of a cat chasing a mouse or may be a customised calendar with different pictures of your family and friends on separate month pages. Wall calendars are still a preference for most of us and can never lose its existence.  

Where do we use Wall Calendars


Wall Calendars at home are used for different purposes by different family members. Whether your Mum uses it to mark a date for a special family occasion which is around the corner or to indicate the next laundry day or maybe your dad uses it for mentioning the next premium date of the insurance policy. Similarly, a family has various reasons for using the Wall Calendars at home. Typically, calendars used at home are more about beauty, bond and relationships that keep realising you that home is the most recognisable place on earth you know.

Education Institutions

Schools, colleges, and other institutions also use Wall Calendars for numerous purposes. A calendar depicting intellectual people and scholars motivates students and the faculties to learn and realise the morality and inspire them to become like one of those in their life too. Such calendars portray more about good and bad as these are the places where a child is shaped into an ethical and responsible human being.  


Maybe most of us feel miserable with the word ‘office’ especially when they are dejected with the work they are doing but this is the place that grows you for an impeccable future. Wall Calendars used in offices are more about keeping crucial things forefront and organised instead of just calendars that look enjoyable to the eyes. However, calendars in offices that are pleasing in designs also help you to content and motivate to work harder for a promising career. Wall Calendars are also in huge demand for ultimate brand promotions of the businesses. One-time production cost is enough to advertise your brand for the complete year.  

Likewise, there are many other places where we normally see wall calendars like; gym, supermarkets, restaurants, railway stations, airports and other public places.

Types of Wall Calendars

A wall calendars come in many different sizes, styles and formats. The content of a calendar may vary considerably as well according to the purpose and usage. Classic Wall Calendars consist of a collection of images, usually presented as one per month, based around a unifying theme. Although, nowadays wall calendars are designed in various formats and styles.  

A4 and A3 Wall Calendar

A4 and A3 wall calendars are a perfect way to organise individual tasks and businesses. Many Wall Calendars Designers and Manufacturers allow you to customise your calendar according to your need as you can add text and add your edited photos. You can also add text and pictures to any date or month in the calendar and add crucial things like Birthday,  meetings and events. These A4 and A3 Calendar printing is done on both portrait and landscape orientations. With a thumb hook, these calendars can easily be hung to any wall surfaces. Available in a variety of paper types, wall calendars are an ideal panacea for both personal and professional needs.

Booklet Calendars

Booklet Calendars are created in the form of a magazine or booklet. These calendars are printed in full colour and stapled into a booklet to the middle allowing the calendar to be folded to half of its original size. Each month comes on each inner front page. Whereas, you can add texts and images on the adjacent inner page so that when you flip pages it shows your Customised booklet Calendar. When hung these calendars on the wall, A4 size opens out to become an A3 size calendar displaying the month and the images at the same time. Printing of Booklet Calendars can be done on a variety of paper types according to your requirements.

Kitchen Wall Calendars

These Kitchen Wall Calendars are also known as Slim Wall Calendars. These calendars are slender in structure to hang even in tight spaces. With lots of room for notes, kitchen calendar can be designed in numerous sizes and layouts. You are allowed to choose your favourite layout from a large range of designs available with ample of calendar printing agencies in the UK. But if you are worried because almost half of the year is gone and what is the use of ordering calendars now? Then you have a choice of choosing the starting month of the calendar which will also prove to be an optimal option for a cheap custom calendar printing. Fewer months means fewer pages to print. Now you can order the kitchen calendars all year round.

Custom Size Wall Calendars

When it comes to thoughtful gift giving, the cutest way to showcase your favourite photos, design and texts is printing custom size wall calendars. Instead of a photo in a frame, a lot of custom calendar printing agencies turn your notable images into a one-of-a-kind calendar. You can do a special photo shoot with your kids to dress them in different attires according to the different seasons of the year and use these pictures in those specific months. Once you are done with the design, all you need to do is to contact the best calendar printing service in your region and let them do the miracle by creating a custom wall calendar that reflects your unique style.

Despite this digitally advanced world, it is likely that the humble wall calendar will remain a fixture in our lives forever. Technology has improved the printing techniques resulting in an enhanced wall custom calendars printing. And when the year is complete, take the cut-out of the images from the wall calendars and frame them. Your photo frame is ready to hang on the wall again.


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